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Unlike other credit cards, made of multi-layered sheets, the liquid metal plate is a mass of metal itself. The liquid metal is five times stronger than iron and three times solider than titanium, shutting off electromagnetic waves and not rusting nor bending. But its weight is a half of that of titanium. In spite of these many advantages, the liquid metal is not the material that can be chosen without hesitation considering its process. Understanding the process is necessary to understand the material, liquid metal.

The liquid metal passes through the following process
- Melting a mass of liquid metal
- Pouring the molten liquid metal into a mold without any vacuum
- Trimming the liquid metal plate to a thickness of 0.8mm

All the process is not easy, involving much handiwork. Ironically, however, we chose the material just because of the complexity. As all global brand-name products are handiwork, involving complex processes, they are works of art rather than just products.

Researching on the material, liquid metal, we could hardly find an example of using it as an exterior material besides being used for artificial joints. However, we came to know that an international luxury watch brand and a mobile phone manufacturer used it as an exterior material exceptionally. As finishing process of liquid metal is difficult, people are unwilling to use it for exterior materials, which should be more delicate than interior ones.

The more difficult a manufacturing process of a product is, the more precious it becomes. Considering hard work, value of a material and time spent, a liquid metal card is nothing more or less than a craftwork of a master craftsman.

A book, Plot of Design by Sakai Naoki, tells a story about a perfume bottle design, which gained more affection than the perfume itself. According to the book, many people buy a perfume through the internet or a mobile phone even though they cannot smell it because they chose a design of a perfume bottle even before smelling it. To understand this, we need to know the basic process of a perfume bottle, which is simpler than we expected.When a concept of a perfume is decided, a perfumer and a perfume bottle designer begin work at the same time. It means a perfume and a design of a perfume bottle are on a par with each other. It is not that a perfume is made first and then a design of its bottle is created.

Making the Red Package, we had the same thought. As the Package gives the first impression to our customers, designing the Package is as meaningful as designing the card itself.

Unlike the previous Red Package, in which a card and two guidebooks were put separately, this Red Package was designed as one package. In a hard case, the Red Card, Priority Pass Card, by which you can use lounges in 600 international airports, a voucher which can be used in duty-free shops and hotels, and a guidebook are put in one case. In particular, the previous two guidebooks are integrated to one and the index is added to increase customers’ convenience.

In addition, the Package is hard and elegant as its exterior is made of paper and plastic. Thus, you may feel like putting it on a bookshelf even after taking out the card. However, we refrained from excessive design so that it can be easily stored in a compact size. We maintained our motto -- Do not design just for design.

We want you to keep the Red Package case after taking out the card like a perfume bottle, which you want to keep it on a dressing table even after using up the perfumebecause of its beauty as an ornament. It isour delight in giving the same weight to the card design and the package design.